Marca – Bologna

C&D company has been integral part of UNAS group – National Union of Frozen Food – since 2010, the year of its foundation. This group is in turn within to UnionAlimentari- CONFAPI, the Union representing small and medium Italian food industries on national scale.

aims to protect and promote the interests of the frozen food chain and of all actors involved, from the companies to logistics operators.

The group was founded for the need expressed by frozen operators to get greater representation on both institutional and market level for the lack of consideration that many bodies and institutions address to this sector. With its active participation in this group, C&D company shows its commitment to take a proactive role towards institutions, society and media to communicate the high quality and efficient service behind frozen foods. Many studies, such as British Food’s recent work, support the process of freezing defining it as “an authentic guarantee of naturalness.” In addition, they are the scientific evidence of the enormous potential of frozen foods, as they prove how “frozen food” keeps the nutritional and organoleptic properties of the fresh product intact.
More information available at unas-surgelati.it

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