From the heart of Apulia
Quality Passion Innovation

C&D is a family-run company that manufactures frozen gastronomic specialties by combining the Mediterranean and Apulian culinary tradition with the convenience of the modern food habits.
C&D’s strategy perfectly reflects the values of the owners, a Family that for over 20 years puts its efforts in offering only high quality and natural products, ready-to-eat in few minutes.
This is the result of an accurate selection of the ingredients, a strict control of each single phase of the production process and the use of the most innovative technologies in the frozen food sector.

That’s why our specialties are quick to cook and still keep their authenticity and healthiness and the taste of tradition.
From the classic Mozzarella & Tomato Panzerotto to the utmost original new-born specialties such as Micro Rice Donuts, the “Ghiottelli”-branded range by C&D offers both to Retail and Foodservice markets a wide variety of ready fried items, ready to cook in oven or microwave, as a result of a constant and versatile culinary research.
Light, fragrant and well-browned doughs, rich fillings… indulge in a steadily surprising pleasure!